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Westport, CT Market Snapshot Jan-Dec 2017

A market in the dead of winter…

Absolutely! In fact, the past three years or so we’ve seen quite an active group of buyers come out in mid-January. So much so, in fact, that local realtors talk about the Pre-Spring Market and whether or not we’ll have another big one. Now that we’re in the New Year with the holidays behind us, […]

Selling Your House – Part One: Today’s buyers want a house in great shape…

and then some. Thinking about selling your home? Consider the overall condition and what improvements are worthwhile and necessary before putting it on the market. Don’t do this without consulting a local realtor though. A realtor who’s experienced and works full time in the market will tell you what’s going on in your neighborhood. Even though […]

Westport, CT Market Snapshot Jan-Dec 2016

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