Living in New England in the Fall is a magical time. Every year when the leaves begin to turn their glorious shades and the air gets cooler at night, I thank my lucky stars that we ended up here.  Experiencing four distinct seasons is a real treat.

Nothing like the Fall Season!

CONNECTICUT, USA - CIRCA 1985: White fence in front of a colonial style home in Autumn with an old Maple tree covered with yellow leaves circa 1985 in Connecticut, USA. Colorful leaves are scattered on the ground.

This is the time of year to really show off those Maple trees, stone walls and winding paths.  Is your house on the market? If so, make sure to keep your yard in shape. Rake the leaves and keep walkways clear, remove leftover dead perennials and put fresh mums and pumpkins in their place.  Decorate simply and let nature showcase itself.

A simple pumpkin sets the tone

Clean your doors and windows, get rid of cobwebs and summer dirt.  Your home can look amazing in the Fall and it’s a wonderful time to play up features like outdoor fireplaces, cozy porches with a rocker and throw blanket and rooms in your house that have windows to some of this outside wonder.  If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market now or after the holidays, please don’t hesitate to contact me for advice.  Happy Fall!

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